Great Perfomances of Hard Rock Singers in The Voice

01 Aug 2016 11:56 9,502
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More a collection of great musicians around the world on The Voice, between Hard Rock and Classic Rock, these names have managed to do all the judges turn their chairs in the programs in their countries and passed phase without harming their own style, see in the video a lot of the best rock performances I saw in the Voice

Tiberiu Albu - I Love Rock 'N' Roll (The Voice Romania)
Nino Alejandro - Highway To Hell (The Voice Philippines)
Florent Abrashi - Dream On (The Voice Albania)
Manny Cabo - Here I Go Again (The Voice USA)
Nicky Wicks - The Boys Are Back In Town (The Voice Ireland)
Monika Pilarczyk - Livin' on a Prayer (The Voice Poland)
Vladimir Pocorschi - Rebel Yell (The Voice Romania)

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