Smooth Jazz 2019 • Best Smooth Jazz Saxophone Instrumental Music from Dr. SaxLove

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Smooth Jazz 2019 is music from Dr. SaxLove to wish you a Happy New Year. Enjoy!!

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This is the music of saxophonist Mark Maxwell, aka Dr. SaxLove:

🎶 Smooth Jazz 2019 Playlist 🎶

00:00 All You Need Is Love
04:48 Always*
11:17 Baby, It's You
16:42 By Her Side*
23:09 Chuggin'
28:11 Fields of Gold
32:56 Floating
37:25 Funkingruvin'*
43:10 Groovin' (On A Sunday Afternoon)
47:29 I Need Your Lovin' (Everyday)
51:12 I'll Follow The Sun
55:15 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
1:00:02 I'm Your Puppet
1:05:52 It's Your Thing
1:10:20 Let It Be
1:15:17 Life Is Moments*
1:19:51 Open Your Heart*
1:25:19 Papa's Gotta Brand New Bag
1:31:35 Sexual Healing
1:37:07 Shake, Rattle, and Roll
1:41:20 Spangled Banner
1:46:56 Stay With Me
1:51:48 Sweetness*
1:56:47 Thank You For Loving Me*
2:00:36 The Road Less Traveled*
2:06:18 Yellow Submarine
2:10:13 You've Got A Friend

*composed by Dr. SaxLove


It's good to have goals; here are some suggestions:

smile more.
tell the people around you that you love them.
speak less. listen more.
forgive yourself and others.
work the body!
turn off the tv. listen to more music.
love. love. love.
breathe deeply.
drink more water.
value yourself.
surround yourself with good people.
try not to judge yourself too harshly.
be a positive force.
don't be afraid to ask for help.
express your emotions in a healthy way.
get some fresh air.
enjoy the moment.
let go of guilt!
recognize your success.
learn something new.
laugh more!
try new experiences.
read more books.
use your imagination.
stop worrying.
say hi to strangers.
celebrate and learn from your mistakes.
strive for balance with work & family.
look for the good.
take more risks!
expand your horizons.
find your passion.
be less critical about yourself and others.
smell the flowers.
listen to the wind.
take a walk in the rain.
lay down in the grass.
walk barefoot in the grass.
eat less and enjoy it more.
get high.
gaze at the stars.
let go of attachments.
bring flowers to someone you love.
say please and thank you.
avoid idle gossip.
offer to help.
maintain a harmonious environment.
do good deeds selflessly.
give up trying to be perfect.
look for the blessings in life.
pray. (whatever that means to you.)
walk a mile in someone else's shoes.
write a poem. share it with someone.
memorize a few jokes. share them!
practice your saxophone.
shoot for the stars.
kiss your dog.
live with gratitude.
live as if to live and to love are one.
embrace the truth. don't lie.
embrace compassion.
express kindness.
look for beauty.
save more money.
balance your checkbook.
find your truth.
read to your children.
write in your journal.
take a me day.
stop drinking soda!
eat more vegetables!
get more sleep.
declutter your home.
be generous.
clean out your closets.
accentuate the positive.
take responsibility.
dream big. create goals. take action!
don't. give. up.
be better tomorrow than you were today.
forgive. forget. move on.
suck the marrow out of every moment.
open your heart!
free your mind!
stay positive, work hard, make it happen.
move toward the light.
give more than you take.
enjoy this moment. that's all there is.
stop talking about it and start doing it!
love yourself.
forgive yourself.
encourage yourself.
accept yourself.
love. love. love.
now love some more.


Dr. SaxLove specializes in soft music, smooth jazz, smooth jazz instrumental music, Motown jazz, pop jazz, romantic jazz, saxofon jazz, and jazz blues. His music is optimized for relaxation, studying, dinner music, sensual moments, and any time chill out saxophone music is desired.

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