Boney James - Hold On Tight

05 Feb 2009 05:06 2,038
14,264 743

From Boney James' latest release. I had the chance of listening to the premier of "Send One Your Love" on 94.7 The Wave last Sunday. What can I say? It was fantastic to hear Boney's voice, but it was even greater to listen to the whole album. Boney was totally right when saying he wanted to make this a concept album because that's how it feels. However, I cannot imagine how good it would really feel to play this CD with the loved one next Valentine's Day. The whole album has the vibe to do so, doesn't it? Well, I don't know how long this song will be available here based on the nonsense ID Matches thing. Anyways, I'm glad to share this new song with everybody. By the way, since this was a request, I dared to upload this one, too. Enjoy it from begginig to end. Peace & God bless!!!

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